IS Paragard® FOR ME?

Never had kids? Check. Done having kids? Check. Not quite ready to have another? Check. Still nursing? Check. At pretty much every point in your reproductive life cycle, from age 17 up to menopause, Paragard® could be right for you. It’s highly effective birth control that is easy to use. After your healthcare provider inserts Paragard®, he or she will show you how to do the monthly string check, too.

Since Paragard® is completely hormone free, you will still get your period.

Bleeding or spotting might increase at first, but should decrease after 2–3 months.

Women who want to get pregnant can start trying to get pregnant the same day Paragard® is removed by a healthcare provider.

Paragard® may occasionally attach to the uterus making removal difficult. Rarely, it can go through the uterine wall and cause other problems.