Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Paragard® may now be available to insured women without a co-pay or other out-of-pocket costs. Check with your insurance provider about paying for birth control.

If you don’t have or choose not to use insurance coverage for the purchase of Paragard®, you can choose from several payment plans to make Paragard® fit into your life and budget.*

There are a few options that let you make a one-time payment in full or several monthly installments. Simply choose the plan that’s right for you.

Cost Chart
Teva reserves the right to rescind, revoke, change, or amend the patient plans without notice at any time.
Costs associated with placement or removal of Paragard® are not included in the payment plan and are the responsibility of the patient.

For complete details, call 1-877-PARAGARD (727-2427) or visit www.Paragard.com.


After you and your healthcare provider have talked and decided that Paragard® is right for you, and your healthcare provider has prescribed Paragard®, follow these simple steps to enroll in the payment plan you selected:

  1. To order Paragard®, call 1-877-PARAGARD (727-2427)
  2. Payment will be charged to your credit card in monthly installments based on your preferred plan
  3. Please provide your healthcare provider’s name, address, and telephone number in order to complete your order
  4. Your Paragard® will be shipped to your healthcare provider’s office
  5. When your Paragard® has been delivered, your healthcare provider’s office will contact you to set up an appointment for placement


This program is being offered by ParagardDirect and may be changed or cancelled at any time without notice. Valid prescriptions are required with all orders.

You may elect to pay in full, either by check or credit card, or you may choose one of the monthly installment options. Based on the payment plan you select, charges will be billed to your credit card over 4 or 12 consecutive months. Amount includes shipping and handling costs but does not include sales tax or the cost associated with placement or removal of Paragard®. Your Paragard® will be shipped to your healthcare provider. This shipment is contingent upon your healthcare provider returning a prescription to the ParagardDirect Pharmacy. Note: Expedited shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer— only standard shipping is included in the cost of the product.


If you decide to have Paragard® removed within the first 150 days of placement, you may qualify for a refund. To qualify for a refund, Paragard® must have been purchased through the Paragard® Patient Payment Plan offered by ParagardDirect. You must contact ParagardDirect within 30 calendar days after removal of Paragard®, and you must provide documentation demonstrating that it was removed within 150 calendar days after placement. Furthermore, you must not have been reimbursed for the cost of the Paragard®, either partially or fully, by a third-party payer such as an insurance company or HMO or any federal or state healthcare program, including Medicaid. Costs associated with placement or removal of Paragard® are not included in the refund and are the responsibility of the patient. Please call 1-877-PARAGARD (727-2427) for more information.