ParaGard® is designed to fit your life—and whatever you’re saving for.

Great news: There are no continuing yearly costs or
prescriptions to fill with ParaGard®. It’s flexible birth
control that lasts for as long as you want: two, five,
even up to 10 years. Chances are your health
insurance company will even cover ParaGard®.
Have your doctor call to find out, or you can even
call your insurance provider for information specific
to your plan.

If ParaGard® isn’t covered or if you don’t have
insurance, not to worry: Our ParaGard® Patient
Payment Program allows you to pay in monthly
installments ranging from less than $40 a month, to
a one-time payment in full. And if you’re not satisfied
within the first 150 days of placement, you’ll get a full
refund if you pay through the ParaGard® Patient
Payment Program.*

Call 1.877.ParaGard (727.2427) for details.

*Certain restrictions apply.
How does the cost of ParaGard® compare
with that of other birth control options?

What if I don’t have insurance?