How Effective Is It?

ParaGard® is more than 99% effective!

Confused about which methods of birth control really work and where ParaGard® fits in?
See how they all measure up.

Percentage of women free of accidental pregnancy after 1 year (typical use)*
Among typical couples who initiate use of a method (not necessarily for the first time), the percentage who experience an accidental pregnancy during the first year if they do not stop use for any other reason.

Today, every woman is looking for a birth control option that fits her life. Maybe you've been using a highly effective method of birth control but might not want to use hormones because of personal experience or other personal reasons. Maybe you don't like daily or weekly routines†, or monthly trips to the pharmacy.

Or perhaps you’ve been using nonhormonal methods, but you’d like to keep the moment with your partner spontaneous. And since nobody’s perfect, you don’t want a slip-up to happen that could put you at a higher risk of getting pregnant. Why are so many women making trade-offs when it comes to their birth control?

But now there’s something else to think about: ParaGard®. The only reversible birth control that’s both highly effective and completely hormone free.

With ParaGard®, there’s just a simple monthly self-check.