Bottom line: hassle-free birth control that
complements your lifestyle.

Once ParaGard® is in place, you’ll forget it’s even
No daily or weekly routines. No monthly visits to
the pharmacy. No remembering to take a pill or change a
patch. Just a simple monthly self-check to make sure your
ParaGard® is in place (your doctor will walk you through
it—it’s quick and easy!).

You won’t notice it during sex (neither will your
partner). And unlike many forms of birth control,
ParaGard® doesn’t interfere with sexual spontaneity,
so you can be intimate with your partner without

As with most prescription birth control options, bleeding changes may occur. With ParaGard®,
there’s a possibility that early on, your period may be heavier or longer, and some women
have spotting between periods, but this should lessen as your body adjusts to
ParaGard®—returning you to your natural period.

Everybody’s different, but during placement, you may feel some pinching or cramping. Ask your
doctor about medications that may be used before and after placement, such as over-the-counter
pain medication, to help with this. Some women also may feel faint, nauseated or dizzy for a few
minutes during, or immediately after, placement.