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  • Product cost of contraceptive methods listed is not meant to compare their effectiveness or safety and is not meant to imply any similarities in such effectiveness or safety. Refer to prescribing information of each product for full discussion of efficacy and safety.
  • Product cost only, based on (1) the one-time patient acquisition cost of ParaGard®, (2) the one-time patient acquisition cost of Mirena® as stated on, and (3) 2011 cash paying (not insurance) average stated on for other products. The costs do not include any coverage of the products by private insurance plans or government-sponsored insurance programs. A patient’s insurance coverage (private or otherwise) will affect the cost effectiveness of each contraceptive method. Prices subject to change.
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  • Cost does not include rebates, discounts, price concessions or other offerings that would provide cost savings.
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  • Costs do not include insertion or injection costs, as applicable.
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  • Based on average cost of top 5 branded oral contraceptives prescribed in the United States as of September 2011: Ortho Tricyclen Lo®, Beyaz®, Yaz®, LoLoestrin Fe® and Seasonique®. Brand names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Monthly cost is based on 13 cycles per year.