That’s Paragard® 

Meet the Paragard IUD, birth control that’s:

100% Hormone Free

Pregnancy prevention without artificial hormones.

Over 99% Effective

One of the most effective methods of birth control available–and lasts up to 10 years!

1 Simple Active Ingredient

Works using just 1 simple active ingredient–copper.

The Only IUD FDA Approved for Over 30 Years

Paragard Experiences

Hear from women as they share why they decided to go hormone free with Paragard.

Paragard Up Close

Paragard is smaller and more flexible than you may think. Once in place, you shouldn’t be able to feel it at all.

Is Paragard Right for Me?

Whether you’re someone who hasn’t done well on hormonal birth control or you simply prefer to live a hormone-free lifestyle, there are many different reasons why women choose Paragard.

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What to Expect With Paragard

Thinking Paragard may be the right birth control for you? Learn more about what to expect with Paragard.

Paragard Placement

Paragard placement is non-surgical and done by a healthcare provider during a routine office visit.

Insurance card

Cost & Insurance Coverage

Most women with insurance can get Paragard at no cost.* Find out how much you may pay for Paragard and get answers to insurance coverage questions here.

*Check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage related to your individual plan. Fees for the Paragard placement procedure may apply.

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Questions About Paragard?

Find answers to your questions, and see if Paragard may be the right choice for you.

Portrait of women thinking about her decision

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IUD=intrauterine device; IUS=intrauterine system.

Paragard is a hormone-free IUD (intrauterine device) that prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years using copper.


  • Don't use Paragard if you are or may be pregnant, have fibroids, a pelvic infection including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), get infections easily, certain cancers, unexplained bleeding, Wilson's disease,