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How can a Live Nurse help?

Our Live Nurses are here to provide education about Paragard IUD and help with any questions you may have via phone call or live chat at no cost. Get quick answers on hormone-free Paragard wherever and whenever you need them! Chat with a Live Nurse now.

Live Nurses do not provide medical advice nor do they advise on any other element of a personalized health care management. Live Nurses do not work under the direction of any institution or medical provider with whom you may interact. Live Nurses may not be licensed to practice nursing in your state of residence.

Paragard is a hormone-free IUD (intrauterine device) that prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years using copper.


  • Don't use Paragard if you are or may be pregnant, have fibroids, a pelvic infection including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), get infections easily, certain cancers, unexplained bleeding, Wilson's disease,